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Farm Animal Welfare Advisory Council,
Dept of Agriculture,
Food and the Marine,
4 Centre,
Agriculture House,
Kildare Street,
Dublin 2.

Phone: 01 607 2288

Fax: 01 676 7126



Excluding Chairperson and Secretary, there are 16 members of FAWAC

Groupings represented are as follows:

  • Depts / State: DAFM, DARDNI, Teagasc (4 persons in all)
  • Farm Bodies: IFA, ICMSA, ICOS, Livestock Exporters(6 persons in all)
  • Welfare Bodies: CIWF, ISPCA, Wexford SPCA (3 persons in all)
  • Veterinary Interests: Vet College, Vet Ireland (3 persons in all).

A quorum is based simply on the number of members of FAWAC present at any given meeting, taking account of the different perspectives involved. It will be based on a combination of numbers of members present and groupings represented. On this basis the quorum will be 8 members, , excluding the Chair and Secretary, comprised of no less than 2 from each of the groupings mentioned above.

  • Quorum: a quorum should be set by the Council which would ensure that meetings would not be properly constituted without the presence of a sufficient number of members to reflect the spectrum of interests.
  • Sub-groups: the Council should be empowered to establish sub-groups to address particular issues or for other purposes, as it sees fit.
  • Internet: the Council should establish its own internet site, with links to those of each of its participating bodies.
  • Reports of Meetings: meetings of the Council should be minuted and an agreed text of the minutes (or abstract there from) should be posted on the Council's internet site.
  • Submissions: the Council should be entitled to seek submissions (oral or written) from interested parties to assist in its work.
  • Annual report commentary: the Council should be afforded the opportunity of producing an annual report or commentary, which might be published on its internet site and included as an Appendix to the DAFRD Annual Report and Outlook.